Monthly Archives: July 2012


Can you change your mood with Aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy is the use of plants, oils and other aromatic chemicals to cause a person’s mood to change.The right scents can change your mood and put you in the right mood,  such as the smell of roses, the smell of the ocean or the smell of fresh baked pies or...
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Cooking with Coconut Flour

Are you looking for a great-tasting gluten-free flour that’s high in protein, high in fiber and low in carbs? Try coconut flour. Hypoallergenic coconut flour has a pleasant flavor that’s slightly nutty and mildly sweet without a strong “coconut” taste. Cup for cup, it provides more protein than wheat flour...
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Children’s Health and Wellbeing Expo

Thanks to everyone that stopped by our stall at the expo, we meet some great people and hopefully were able to answer a few people questions about their children’s health. Our main focus of being at the expo was to get the word out about our KIDS CLINIC at Mermaid Beach, which we are starting on Saturday 25th...
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