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Children’s Health and Wellbeing Expo | Achieving Health

Children’s Health and Wellbeing Expo

Thanks to everyone that stopped by our stall at the expo, we meet some great people and hopefully were able to answer a few people questions about their children’s health.

Our main focus of being at the expo was to get the word out about our KIDS CLINIat Mermaid Beach, which we are starting on Saturday 25th August.

We understand that everyone is busy during the week and sometimes it is difficult to take time out to come into our clinic, holding a clinic on a Saturday will hopefully give parents the opportunity to bring their kids in to see our naturopath without the stress of trying to juggle their midweek schedule around.

If you are interested in coming to our KIDS CLINIplease contact us and get in early to make an appointment.

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  2. I home school, and when my kids were 6 and 7 my husband was in a terrible accident that required MONTHS in the hospital and nursing home, then he came home in a wheelchair, and I just won’t bother going into all the stuff that happened, BUT – my kids probably would have lost a year of education if they’d been attending school, because this was SO disruptive to the family.

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