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Massage | Remedial Massage | Sports Massage | Miami

Massage Miami

remedial massage Miami

Are you yearning for a therapy that will relieve your stress and weariness? Would you like to be more energetic? Achieving Health can help you! We have special massage rooms each with its own relaxing atmosphere. With attention to the finer details such as the music and aroma, you can’t help but feel all your stresses fading away.

Massage therapy is an ancient art of healing. Recent studies show that human touch is essential to physical, emotional and psychological health. We sometimes overlook this fact, but it has been proven in numerous studies that a positive touch can make you feel a lot better. We offer everything from pampering relaxation massages to remedial and sports massages, our therapist can cater to everyone’s needs.

Our massage services include:

  • Relaxation ” This alleviates strain and anxiety leaving your body in a state of ultimate relaxation.
  • Therapeutic ” Helps by relaxing the body and mind. It will benefit anyone especially those under extreme stress and pressure.
  • Aromatherapy ” Is a massage style using essential oils added to the massage oil to suit a variety of needs and it enhances the massage therapy.
  • Pregnancy ” The focus is on the wellbeing of the expectant mother and baby. This helps reduce stress hormones in the body, relaxes the muscles and prepares the body emotionally and physically for delivery.
  • Hot Stone ” This uses the natural healing energy of heat to ease muscle fatigue and stress.
  • Warm bamboo ” Administered using heated bamboo rods of different sizes to press and roll out knots within tense muscles

Treat yourself to a relaxing and health beneficial massage today.

Don’t Delay! Call Us on 07 55546255 or email us at info@achievinghealth.com.au