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My First Pregnancy – Leisha’s Blog | Achieving Health

My First Pregnancy – Leisha’s Blog

The last few weeks I have found myself with a little less energy than usual and the occasional nauseous feeling – only mild but of concern. I have heard of women experiencing “morning sickness” and fatigue in the initial part of pregnancy, but did not expect this to apply to me! Not out of some belief that i am super human – but only because i believe that my body is healthy, I am usually happy and therefore have no need to experience discomfort or feeling less than average. Some women may accept this as part of the “process” – but my logic told me that there is absolutely no reason why I should have to feel worse off just because I am growing a baby inside.   As a consequence I knew that something was out of order, obviously being pregnant takes more out of your body than I expected. Being a Naturopath I regularly take supplements, varying them from day to day but a good vitamin and mineral supplement with a herbal tonic is an everyday must, just in case i miss out on something. These usually keep me in good energy and free of any sickness, but not quite cutting it during this taxing time on the body! Straight to the Hemaview, a fantastic tool that enables us to see inside the body, the state of the blood and it’s cells; live moving universe that appears instantly on the big screen from one small drop of blood. Straight away I noticed signs of decreased hameoglobin and deficiencies in iron, B12 and folate. As a result, my oxygen carrying capacity would be reduced giving me less energy than normal. (These signs are indicated in the pictures below and have a brief explanations of their signifigance when looking at hemaview) Annulocytes are also known as “target cells” due to their charateristic inner ring, which indicates that the cells are not fully inflated. This is typically due to a lack of haemoglobin inside the cell, which maybe caused by nutrient insufficiency. Microcytes – small red blood cells. This can interfere with their ability to deliver oxygen, and may lead to symptoms of fatigue. These small red blood cells may be the result of low iron levels. After evaluating the report, I then increased by iron, B12, B6 folic acid and protein to ensure that my red blood cells were well enough formed to supply my body with the extra energy it was needing; And now I feel great, jut like an expecting mum should!! -my blood looks great to.

Pregnancy nutritional information;

The fact is nutrients in the mothers’ diet can influence the development of diseases later on in adulthood is a process known as fetal programming. The mothers’ nutrition can permanently change gene expression in the fetus, with research suggesting these effects may influence several succeeding generations. With this in mind, it is necessary to ensure that the increased nutritional needs of the fetus are being met, by being aware of what these increased needs are. As the fetus develops and grows, new cells are being laid down continuously. At the same time the mothers’ red blood cell mass expands. All nutrients are important for these processes, but the nutrients with key roles in the synthesis of DNA and new cells are needed especially. These include folate, B12, Iron and zinc. The need for iron increases to 150% of the RDI. This increased need for iron can almost never be met by diet or exsisting iron stores and iron supplements are therefore highly needed throughout pregnancy. Folate needs also to increase to 150% of the RDI. Folate can be obtained from fruits, juices, vegetables and whole grains, however to ensure the increased demands are met a supplement should be taken. Without folate the neural tube fails to develop completely. To all of you that I have had the fortune of helping and those who may not have met me yet, I hope you enjoy my current and future blogs and find interest in what we have to offer. If you have any questions about any the information contained in my blogs please do not hesitate to contact the clinic on 5554 6255.