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Thermal Pain Therapy | Achieving Health

Thermal Pain Therapy


Want to fight obesity? Would you like to get rid of your degenerative disorders and digestive problems? Achieving Health can help you find the right solution!

Our modern lifestyle often causes a variety of chronic conditions. Fortunately, Achieving Health offers Thermal Pain Therapy. By using an Infra Red Sauna in Thermal Pain Therapy you will gain an immediate benefit as your body starts to relax with a warming sensation rippling over your entire body. Infrared Saunas have only recently become popular in the West, but they have been around for years, the Japanese have been utilising the infrared saunas for the past century and have enjoyed tremendous health benefits from them. Infrared Saunas are unlike conventional saunas which pull sweat out of the body. But, you will be surprised, as despite operating at a lower temperature, you will typically perspire far more in an infrared saunas because the infrared energy penetrates your body.

By far the most important health benefit of an Infrared Sauna is its efficiency at removing toxins from the body. This is achieved by a process called “resonate absorption” whereby the frequency of the Infrared beams match the frequency of the water in the cell, causing toxins to be released into the blood stream and excreted through sweat. Apart from this it will also help relieve muscle & joint pain, increase blood flow, reduce prostate swelling, remove toxins and improve skin tone.

Send for free details by emailing info@achievinghealth.com.au or Call 0437 746 066