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TESTIMONIALS | Achieving Health



Here are a few words from our satisfied customers;

“We have been using Achieving Health for over 3 months with my son Elliot who was diagnosed with Autism at 2.5 years old. Prior to starting Elliot has very limited eye contact, verbal understanding, unable to shower/bath daily, low social skills or attached with family and often went days without uttering a word.

We chose to undertake Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, naturopathic consultations, including vitamen, minerals and specific oils to aid heavy metal detoxing.

Very soon after we started, we began seeing small changes as Elliot began bathing daily, his laughter became more genuine and gradually over the next couple of months he has began playing with more children, building bonds with family, giving kisses, cuddles, dancing and talking much more! At 3.5 years old we hear our very first “I love you mummy”.

The staff at Achieving Health have gone above and beyond to cater for our every need, their genuine care and warmth has been outstanding. We are very very please to have found such a helpful clinic to aid us through this sometimes challenging and heart wrenching journey. Thank you Achieving Health”

Joanne, Surfers Paradise


 ” Before finding Achieving Health I was constantly tired and could not muster enough energy to take my kids to the park. After seeing Leisha and having a full body scan I discovered that my body was serverly deficient in B12 folate and magnesium.

Leisha put me on a treatment plan and now 2 months later i have more energy than I know what to do with, my kids are much happier now that I can keep up with them.

Leisha and the team at Achieving Health were so accomodating and they really gave me the support i needed to get my life back on track. Thanks so much.

Kelly, Burleigh Heads