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toxic products,

Have “Healthy Homes” with non-toxic products


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We all have products in our home that we use to clean our bathroom, kitchen to wash our body and hair etc that we have bought from the supermarket or chemist because it’s convenient and sometimes a cheaper option.

How would you feel if the ingredients in these products were making your family ill. What if they were thecause of your kids having Asthma or eczema but you just didn’t realise because we have all been conditioned by advertising to believe that these products are safe.

You may have been told that the individual ingredients in these products may not be harmful on their own and the quantities in each bottle or packet would not be enough to cause you harm. But think about what those ingredients do when they are combined and also used in conjunction with other store bought products, or what might be the implication s of using these products daily of a long period of time.

Could there be link between these toxic ingredients and the growing number of people being diagnosed with cancer?

The purpose of this blog is not to scare you but to let you know that you have a choice to change what you and your family are putting into your systems.

Ultimately it is your choice how you decide to live your life but before you dismiss this information please think very carefully about what your family’s health means to you.


Click here for a range of affordable and toxic free products

Everything from personal care, to home care and even your pets. These products are defined by their pure ingredients, extensive research and unique safety-conscious formulas. Effective and innovative, they’re a perfect blend of science and nature; placing them at the forefront of the global movement toward health and wellness.

Below is a short piece that aired on Sunrise about how many of these toxic products we have in our home


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